LEAP Platform

Do you need to build a new content application or integrate to your existing content management system? Now you can develop your own app on a single platform using the same API’s that the LEAP applications use. The LEAP Platform offers the richest, most extensive collection of content services available in the cloud and is available for you to try out now.

Your organization has content and business processes which are specific to your industry and your customers. Now you can easily build your own content applications by just focusing on what you do best, leveraging your own business logic and a user interface catered to the needs of your users. We take care of the rest.

LEAP Platform offers a flexible micro-service architecture and easily consumable REST API’s. The LEAP Platform provides you with the same extensive set of enterprise content management, storage, capture, transformation and search services in the cloud that the LEAP applications are built on. You now have the ability to leverage our proven set of services within your own applications.

As a developer, you will also have access to API documentation, tutorials, and our intuitively designed developer center. You will be able to quickly create apps, build and test models and configurations, and deploy it all to production. Some of the services and API documentation are already available in beta for you to try out.

LEAP Platform Service

Cloud First Apps

LEAP Content Service

LEAP Case Service

LEAP Capture Service – Enabling users to embed advanced document and data capture capabilities into custom applications. The Capture Service provides capture capabilities such as real-time automatic document classification and data extraction, image enhancement/processing, barcode recognition, and full-text searchable PDF creation.

LEAP Content Service – Allowing customers to build enterprise content applications in the cloud with a rich set of capabilities that include file uploads/downloads, versioning, folders, metadata attributes, content transformation, workflow processes and enterprise search. The Content Service also includes the administration APIs needed to run applications, including authentication, user and role management.

LEAP Case Service – powering the integration of the LEAP Courier application with LOB applications, ECM repositories and systems of record. The Case Service provides case creation, collaboration and export to support integrated solutions and embedding key features and functionality of the Courier application into 3rd party applications.

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